Rump Session

For years the Asiacrypt rump session has been living in the shadows of its Eurocrypt and Crypto siblings. This overshadowing officially ends now, as ASIACRYPT 2018 promises to boast the grandest rump of them all.

But first, an official communique from the IACR Rump Session Steering Committee (IACRRSSC).

In these times of great political uncertainty, IACRRSSC has decided that the best way to ensure a fair and balanced chairing of this year's ASIACRYPT rump session was to select not one neither two, but three random IACR members. This all-white, all-male triumvirate consists of

  • Craig Costello
  • Leo Ducas
  • Pierre Karpman

Their first step immediately disappointed IACRRSSC with its nationalist undertones, as they declared that "it was time that ASIACRYPT came back to its Aussie roots, and this is a good opportunity to introduce cryptographers to the fun and cheery --- if maybe slightly broish --- culture from Down Under".

Only later was IACRRSSC slightly relieved, as the chairs-to-be announced that "presenters of boring talks better be ready to deal with our joke insertion attacks, for which offence is the best form of defence".

Their last step was more puzzling, and IACRRSSC wishes to reassure the public by saying that it is actively investigating why the triumvirate passed an order for a surprisingly large quantity of shoes.

Rules of the rump session:

  1. There is an upper limit of 4 minutes and 8 slides. More minutes or slides can be purchased at the beginning of the talk by partaking in the Aussie tradition of a "shoey" This requires either drinking XXXX Gold (the Rump session's locally brewed official sponsor) or your favourite alcoholic beverage from the glass shoe provided, or your favourite non-alcoholic beverage from your own shoe.
  2. We are not joking when we say the prizes for the best and funniest talks will actually be the best rump session prizes in the history of IACR rump session prizes. 5 such prizes will be given out.


  • Please send your slides (in pdf/ppt/pptx format) to email address :
  • Email Subject Name : ASIACRYPT 2018 : Rump Session
  • You cannot use your own laptop for rump session talks.
  • Slides should start with a title page giving your Name, Institution, and Title of your talk.
  • Conference announcements and other advertising are well served by the IACR's online Calendar of Events and Open Positions in Cryptology web pages. However, if you want to advertise a conference or job opportunity that is especially relevant then please submit ONE SLIDE for such events.
  • Submission deadline: title/abstract 20:00 AEST (local time) on Monday, December 3 2018, with slide revisions allowed until 12:00 on Tuesday, December 4 2018 (the day of the rump session).


Application Form:

  • Speaker name
  • Speaker email address
  • Title of talk
  • Do you have any objection to recording/live-streaming your talk (Yes/No)
  • Keywords (e.g., symmetric crypto/jokes/hash functions/song/public key crypto/post-quantum paradoxes/blockchains/crypto-theme drinking game/surveillance/travel guide/cooking demonstration/koalas/etc.)
  • This talk is: funny/serious yet funny/mostly serious/very boring (please select one)
  • Please attach a draft of your slides (it will be possible to revise the slides up to December 4 2018, 12 pm (midday of the rump session).


Start Time Session Presentation Title Author Name
7:00pm -7:30pm  Substantial Canapes and Drinks (Food to continue through the evening)
7:30pm - 7:35pm  Session 1 Welcome/Rump Rules es Rump Chairs
7:35pm -7:40pm Session 2 Program Chairs Steven Galbraith and Thomas Peyrin
7:40pm -7:45pm Session 3 Prizes Craig Costello
7:45pm - 7:50pm Session 4 Japan Shiho Moriai
7:50pm - 7:55pm Session 5 SPDZ Aner Ben Efraim
7:55pm - 8:00pm Session 6 QueerCrypt Marcel Keller
8:00pm - 8:05pm Session 7 Secret Sharing AntonioFaonio
8:05pm - 8:10pm Session 8 Tesla Bart Preneel
8:10pm - 8:15pm  Session 9 Edwards Isogenies Suhri Kim
8:15pm - 8:20pm  Session 10 Gotta Break Em All Leo Ducas and the Cryptanalysts
8:20pm - 8:30pm  Session disscussion or extra time
8:30pm - 9:00pm Dinner Break
9:00pm - 9:05pm Session 11 Quantum Circuits Daniel Bernstein
9:05pm - 9:10pm Session 12 PQ Shield Dahmun Goudarzi
9:10pm - 9:15pm  Session 13 MPC Marcel Keller
9:15pm - 9:20pm Session 14 Gaussians Raymond Zhao
9:20pm - 9:25pm Session 15 Pairings Chloe Martindale
9:25pm - 9:30pm  Session 16 Rattlin' Edoardo Perischetti
9:30pm - 9:35pm  Session 17 Speedier Snail Lorenz Panny
9:35pm - 9:40pm  Session 18 Symmetric Akiko Inoue
9:40pm - 9:45pm  Session 19 Anti-Cryptography Yan Bo Ti and Joost Renes
9:45pm - 9:50pm  Session 20 Audience vote Rump Chairs
9:50pm - 10:00pm  Session disscussion or extra time