5-9 December 2022

Taipei, Taiwan

Call for Sponsors

We are the General Chairs of Asiacrypt 2022, which will be held at least partially physically in the second week of December 2022 (5-9) in Taipei, Taiwan.

Asiacrypt is one of the three premier cryptography conferences organized annually by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). It is attended by top cryptographers in academia and industry from all over the world. As usual, we expect an exciting lineup of works that would be of great interest to a broad range of participants.

Your help is sought. The IACR is a non-profit organization and the expenses for all IACR conferences are paid for by registration fees and sponsorships from institutions such as your company.

In the past editions of the conference, sponsors have used the opportunity to advertise, to get in touch with likeminded people, or to simply support the progress in the field. The sponsorship will be used to facilitate Asiacrypt 2022. Unused funds will be used for future support of the IACR, such as subsidizing student travel.

Sponsors are greatly appreciated by the IACR and the crypto community. In recognition of the support, sponsors will be acknowledged and featured on:

  • The website of Asiacrypt 2022
  • The proceedings (provided we receive the support before the proceedings are finalized)
  • Rolling presentation during breaks
  • Other propaganda material such as official posters.

To acknowledge more generous support, we will assign the following sponsorship level designations based on the amount of contribution:

  • Bronze level: US$2500 and up
  • Silver level: US$5000 and up
  • Gold level: US$10000 and up
  • Platinum level: To be negotiated individually

The order and size of the logos displayed may depend on the sponsorship level.

In addition to the above, each sponsor will get:

  • a free registration (more for Gold and above), and
  • optionally, an advertising booth/desk for Silver and above (size and location may depend on the sponsorship level). Higher ranked and earlier sponsors gets earlier picks of the booths/desks.
  • items of advertisement for sponsors in the conference material, only if said items are:
    • received 100 hours prior to the conference,
    • at most 12 inches diagonally and at most 250 grams, and
    • not in need of further assembly.

Please let us know via email to asiacrypt2022 at iacr dot org if you would like more information. We hope that you decide to contribute, and we (and the IACR) thank you for your support!

If you are interested in sponsoring AsiaCrypt 2022, please send an email to the general chairs at asiacrypt2022 at iacr dot org.