5-9 December 2022

Taipei, Taiwan

We have allocated what we budgeted for stipends; we will note and file further incoming requests for stipends; we will hand out more stipends on a first-come-first-serve basis if funds become available (such as cancellations). However, there are no guarantees that we will be able to provide more stipends.

While we (Asiacrypt 2022 organizers) believe that we have answered every email we got at asiacrypt2022@iacr.org, there is no guarantee that we received every email sent. If you sent an email and did not receive a response, please write to asiacrypt2022@gmail.com to check.

Student Waivers and Stipends

Student speakers, please write to the general chairs at asiacrypt2022 at iacr dot org with the subject line "Asiacrypt 2022 stipend" before October 31st (and preferably, as soon as possible). Please identify your school, your advisor, and the title of your talk, and indicate if this will be your first IACR conference of the year. If you require more support than a registration fee waiver, see below.

Students or any others in less than robust financial circumstances who seek financial assistance (i.e. a stipend, fee waiver, or more) please write to asiacrypt2022 at iacr dot org with the subject line "Asiacrypt 2022 stipend" before September 30 (and preferably as soon as possible). We will consider later applications for as long as we have funds, in the order that they are received.

In your email, please include a short paragraph specifying your school and advisor (if any). Especially if you are not presenting, ask your advisor to write us an email in support (one email can pertain to multiple students).

Please specify if you are willing to take free or much-subsidized housing in organizer-arranged hotels as financial assistance. This last service, which is still being arranged and cannot be guaranteed to everyone who applies, is likely going to be a single room. However, you can request a specific person as a roommate in case we can only provide double rooms. If two subsidized applicants request each other as potential roommates, they will room together; otherwise, a random roommate of the same sex may be assigned. You can stipulate that you will only take a room as a stipend if it is single occupancy.

If you are requesting financial assistance of any kind, please await a response before registering, as this saves us some trouble.

If you ask for assistance, you will not be assessed a late fee if we respond too late for you to make the early registration deadline. Students who receive assistance should be prepared to show a student ID or other proof of affiliation at the registration desk.