Asiacrypt 2022

5-9 December 2022

Taipei, Taiwan

Covid Information

The contents of this page may change to reflect new information or changing guidelines.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, Taiwan might still have a quarantine come early December. However, beginning October 13th, it will be a "0+7 self-initiated epidemic prevention", which will be as follows:

If you test negative on a rapid test, and if you wear a mask properly, you may go about your business as usual. This includes attending Asiacrypt 2022. You are not supposed to engage in "risky behavior" which includes mingling in unknown crowds (e.g., barhopping).

Properly worn masks (covering both nose and mouth) are mandatory indoors except when actively eating or drinking. To protect everyone and avoid being a super-spreader event, the conference organization will provide masks and rapid tests.

Other Possible Scenarios

Anything below this is not currently applicable, but rather reflects what would happen if Taiwan's quarantine restrictions become stricter due to rising cases or similar.

In the unlikely case Taiwan goes back to a "3+4" quarantine:

If Taiwan does revert to the 3+4 quarantine, the conference organizers will try to arrange for a "bubble" for conference attendees. This would mean:

To Qualify for the Bubble Arrangement

We will take your personal details (including passport scans) and submit them to the government for pre-approval. A pre-approved attendee will be able to pick up their visa at the nearest office that Taiwan operates, in person or via physical mail.

Currently, as it seems sure that Taiwan will remain on a 0+7 quarantine, we do not need pre-registration for those in countries that have visa-exempt entry.