5-9 December 2022

Taipei, Taiwan

Covid Information

The contents of this page may change to reflect new information or changing guidelines.

Current Regulations

Taiwan has relaxed COVID testing considerably. On entry to Taiwan, a passenger is not subjected to enforced testing right away. People who enter Taiwan are required to follow a "self-initiated epidemic prevention" period for 8 days, which is called "0+7" (0 days of quarantine and 7 days of epidemic prevention, where the day of entry into Taiwan is counted as day 0).

If you test positive at any point during the 8 days

You will be quarantined for five days during which you cannot leave your quarters. This means you would not be able to fly home during that time.

Overview of current regulations (we do not claim completeness or correctness; please refer to the official regulations for details):

  1. Each person is issued 4 free COVID-19 tests at the airport when entering Taiwan.
  2. To leave ones residence or otherwise go about during "self-initiated epidemic prevention", one must have a negative test (marked with name and date) on hand that has been taken within the last 48 hours. Socializing with many unspecified people, such as barhopping, is not allowed during "self-initiated epidemic prevention".
  3. If you come into contact with a confirmed case, you have 8 extra days of "self-initiated epidemic prevention".
  4. If you cohabitate with a confirmed case, you have 4 days of quarantine (during which you are not allowed to travel) followed by 4 days of "self-initiated epidemic prevention".
  5. You are required to wear a mask and maintain a social distance when going out. You may take off the mask when eating; you should put it on immediately after finishing your meal.

On entering the conference venue, we will ask to see your negative test kit (a picture on your phone will suffice; the test kit must be marked with your name and date).